This post was written specifically for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop.

One thing that I found is liable to help you on your writing quest is to grow and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals around you. Even if it’s only online (ideally I think you want both online & in-person), it can have many benefits for writers of all levels.

Below are a few of my suggestions on how to meet and get in touch with other writers and I’ve split them into the online & the reality based options.


  • Use Twitter

There are a number of daily writing hashtags or games. There are also several chats to help you connect with people. If you’re not sure where to find some of these, I’d suggest following @writevent, who posts daily reminders/links to many of them.

  • Join a Facebook group. 

There approximately 7,356,000 Facebook groups dedicated to books and writing. Ok, probably not that many, but there are a lot. Our delightful hostess Raimey once told me that she’s a member of about 35-40 alone, if that give you some idea.

  • Read & comment on other people’s blogs.

A good way to share thoughts and strike up a rapport. If you can sign up for a blog hop like this, even better.

  • Take part in NaNoWriMo

Not only can you connect with other participants but you’ll also get ‘pep talks’ from established authors. Plus, I think it’s a learning experience in and of itself.


  • Go to a locally held author event. 

  It might be a reading/signing, it might be a convention with several authors in attendance. Either way there’s a good chance you’ll a) be among like-minded people & b) learn something. 

  • Take part in NaNoWriMo

I know I already had this one under the online heading but there’s also a very good chance that some local participants will be out there organizing workshops, write-ins at coffee shops or other similar activities.

  • Join your local writer’s group. 

Again, you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something. What might make some nervous (including me, which is the main reason I haven’t joined one) is the likelihood that part and parcel of the group will be sharing what you’ve written and receive feedback on it, face to face.

One suggestion I don’t have, mainly because I still struggle with it myself, is how to find the courage to actually talk to people when it comes to the reality based suggestions. But then, I’d like to believe not everyone has the level of self doubt I do.

As always, please leave any thoughts or suggestions of your is in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by. 

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    1. Great post. I personally struggle with maintaining a community for my own authorship but that is because I don’t keep at it. I think, therefore, my addition to this post would be to remain vigilant and diligent about the communities you have signed up for.

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    2. I love writer’s conferences – in fact, I’m off to one next weekend. I spend a weekend pretending I’m a normal well-adjusted extrovert, then retreat back into my writing cave. But it’s worth the effort. In the last year, I’ve heard Michael Hauge and Kristen Lamb, and next weekend our keynote speaker is Margie Lawson. Fantastic!

      But I also love the online community – Facebook, Twitter, and blog hops like this one. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    3. Some great points, particularly in the reality section. I’m great at online stuff but I need to make an effort to connect with other local writers 🙂 I get nervous about joining a local writers group too, but more because I’m worried no one will write fantasy!

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    4. Love this post! I’m all about the power of community. I have totally build my network and had success in publishing in large part to the peers around me who elevate me. We can write alone but we can’t get published alone – or succeed alone! It’s funny as I’m launching a course right now for first time authors on how to build platform based on community. Am giving away lots of free info each week during the prelaunch phase.

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    5. Great suggestions! I’m not as active on Facebook, but I have a few groups I really like and post/comment regularly. I’m off to a writing conference next week right before NaNoWriMo starts. Very excited to get into the spirit of writing before the event. Thanks for sharing your tips!! 😊

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    6. Author/writing groups are invaluable. I have learned so much from my local writing group and from the Author’s Marketing Conferences I’ve attended. As writers, we should never stop learning. It’s the only way we become better writers.

      Great post. Thanks for sharing.


    7. I am so lucky to have an amazing local writers’ group. It was challenging to join initially, but I am so very grateful that I did. I ended up trying 3-4 at the same time (kind of like swallowing your medicine in one go) and then kept attending the one that fit the best. I am still growing mine, especially online. I hope you find the perfect community for you!

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