I cut back on the hashtag games for November, ostensibly so I could focus on NaNoWriMo.  I did do two, both of which I’d done in previous months, #AuthorConfession and #WIPTruthorDare.


#AuthorConfession - November

  1. I is Drew (NaNo name: WriterDrew). My project/WIP is House in Exile. And I’m hoping to get back to writing consistently.
  2. I don’t like the term but, despite my best intentions, I’m still not much of a planner. I guess that makes me the other
  3. At the moment, there’s a lot of driving going on…giphy (4)
  4. I currently look like hell so I’m cheating on this one.DN__4t-VAAAGbhY
  5. About 2,100. Slow start but at least I’m writing which is what I’m aiming for.
  6. Ash’s goals/desires: Stop De Vries. Protect his people. Restore his House. Clear his name. Be accepted.
  7. 1667 ways to kill a character #1279: Have their internal organs eaten by piranha locusts and the body cavity used for their larvae…
  8. It’s a bit of both. I have a broad outline but otherwise, I’m just trying to get things flowing…
  9. Put them through hell, see how they react…
  10. Does having him forced out of his position as heir to House Valerius and getting a price put on his head count?
  11. Pep talks aren’t my speciality I’m afraid.
  12. *sigh* 3,777. Still more work than I’ve done in a while
  13. Among other things, getting him out of the country, helping him plan a counter-attack…
  14. You don’t have to use all the history you come up with for your world but it will make it more real to you and hence to the reader…
  15. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated with my lack of progress but I’m trying to be positive that I’m making any progress at all
  16. Be nice if I could write 3,500…
  17. To the ones I know are doing I hope you’re all doing better than I am
  18. 😟😫☕️💻😴😟😫
  19. Currently at 5,713.
  20. Because, for better or for worse, it came from me…
  21. I hate that it doesn’t seem to be flowing together. Everything feels disconnected.
  22. In my head, the main thing it asks me is, “What the hell is your problem?”
  23. Take advice from Harrison Ford. “You can type this shit, but you can’t say it.” If that’s the case, then revise.
  24. I got 1667 problems, but ignoring deadlines apparently ain’t one.
  25. No rewards. Haven’t done anything worth rewarding.
  26. 6,751 or thereabouts…giphy (6)
  27. I’d call it moderate, I think. Never more than 5 cups per day.
  28. Ash is very much like me.
  29. At this stage, I’d need an all-weeker. Or an all-fortnighter. Or a time machine. Instead, I’m trying to re-assess things.
  30. In truth, I don’t know that it has improved any…


#WIPTruthorDare - November

  1. Truth – Yes, I is doing NaNoWriMo, for my sins. I’m registered as WriterDrew if you want any to say hello there
  2. Truth – My WIP is House in Exile, 3rd in my House Valerius series.
  3. Truth & Dare – A combination of the dark, the empty road & the soft SUSURRUS from the radio was doing its best to lull me…
  4. Truth – Ash is fairly literate, He’s read some classic novels anyways.
  5. Truth – I’m a big movie watcher.giphy (5)
  6. Truth – The usual places, the couch and my desk at work.
  7. Truth – I suppose the Cabal does. For the Ceteri part of the world at least.
  8. Truth – I think De Vries can appreciate a good book but he’s the sort who always wonders what was left out.
  9. Truth – Depends on who you ask. He’d say lawful good, some of the others would say chaotic.
  10. Truth – A lot of the time I write by hand, with a pen, but right now I’m using my laptop exclusively.
  11. Truth – The last book I read was First Grave on the Right by .
  12. Truth – Pepperoni.giphy (3)
  13. Truth – Probably disappear De Vries and some of his other enemies.
  14. Truth – Ash had an older brother but he killed himself years before Ash was even born. Ash has only ever known him through his old diary.
  15. Truth – Not sure what it was as of the 15th (I was late posting this one) but it’s currently at 5,713, fairly pathetic.
  16. Truth – Buttons of both kinds are available.
  17. Truth – Right now, I wish to hell I knew what would have me writing successfully.
  18. Truth – Self-doubt.
  19. Truth – Ash doesn’t have a problem with needles.
  20. Truth – Not sure if I’d call either a favourite place to write but the majority of my writing is done at my desk at work (during lunch) or on the couch at home.
  21. Truth – I have to admit, it’s rare. Or occasional. Or infrequent.
  22. Truth – Planes, trains and automobiles. There may even be a couple of motorbikes in there too. Just normal current day transport.
  23. Truth – Ash is thankful for the friends that he has left.
  24. Truth – Shop or read? Hmm, probably read. Ash isn’t great at shopping.
  25. Truth – Frequently. Although I recently re-did the music on my phone so I need to re-create my playlist.
  26. Truth – Ash doesn’t worry too much about the winter. There are other matters taking priority.
  27. Truth – I don’t think I have one. Not feeling very good about my writing lately.
  28. Truth – I guess. It hasn’t really come up before but I can see Ash enjoying the quiet of a starry night.
  29. Truth – Not very well, but he can just about manage a waltz.
  30. Truth – Not even close…

As always, thanks to the organisers:

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See you again in December.

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