So, just in case you don’t follow me on either Facebook or Twitter (What do you mean, you’re not? What’s the matter with you?), the past few weeks haven’t gone great for me. Aside from having two separate car accidents, my attempt at NaNoWriMo sputtered and flailed and there really wasn’t a lot of the other stuff that makes up The Scribblings going on either. So now that the time comes to talk about what I want to accomplish in December, I’m thinking I should get back to basics.

  • Write something every day – regardless of what it is.

The stalling of House in Exile has me wondering whether or not I need to start from scratch. While I don’t know how long it will take me to work that one through, I don’t want to lose any more writing time to indecision. So I’m going to make sure I write something each day. Whether that be House in Exile, a short story or even just a snippet in response to one of the daily writing hashtags.

  • Restore my online presence.

I’ve been absent from my Twitter & Facebook postings a fair bit lately. I want to turn that around. In particular, the past couple of months have seen me continue with the usual hashtag games but I’ve gone several days without answering any and then doing multiple at once to catch up. This month I intend to go day by day, although I may do my answers ahead of time to ensure I don’t backslide again.

  • Get back to regular posting.

This goes hand in hand with the above. Ideally, I like to have between 8 and 12 blog posts per month. I haven’t managed that since August and last month I only got 2 done. So I need to do some work on some new post ideas.

  • Write a book review.

I haven’t actually written a review since August either. My TBR list is still growing but the reviews haven’t been keeping pace. That’s no way for me to be giving back.

That’s probably going to be enough for December I think. There’s still a bunch of personal stuff for me to sort out; medical, insurance, getting my car fixed etc. Then, there is the silly season approaching…

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