I’ve decided not to do a review of January’s goals. After all, how long would it take me to tell you that I took a bit of a downturn in my mental health in the latter half of the month? And that, as a result, I got very little done and ultimately only achieved one out of my five goals. About that long, apparently.

As a result, I’m carrying over the majority of last month’s goals into this month, although with one or two small tweaks. Since Britt and I are away for a week, I think some lighter goals might be in order.

  • 2 blog posts per week (minimum).

I was doing well for the first half of last month. I’m hoping that if I can keep my focus and plan properly I can get this back on track.

  • Write two book reviews.

I still need to do my review of Art of War, as promised. If I recall correctly, I have another week to get that done and then that gives me the last two weeks, including our trip, to read and review the second book. Whatever that ends up being.

  • Come up with a workable schedule

I’m still trying to find a balance between work, both my day job and helping with the home business, and writing. Plus keeping up to date with my social media presence, taking care of my health, family time (although the trip will help there) and probably something else I’m forgetting

  • Plan/structure/work out what the hell I’m doing with House in Exile.

While I did get some planning and such worked out and a few ideas that are still percolating away, I really do need to decide how the second half of the book is going to go. I’m sure I’ll still leave some room for improvisation, because that’s just the way things tend to go.

  • Post some more work.

Since I did a short poll on Twitter last week and nearly everyone who answered voting for having more stories, I should follow up on that as soon as I can.

I think that should keep me busy for a wee while at least.


  1. Do book reviews count as blog posts? Letting them do double duty should give you a little wiggle room in your schedule.

    I only blog once a week. Oh, right, except that new Query Rewrite feature… but at least I don’t need to develop content for that.

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