For March, my main focus is going to be on getting some writing done. For 2018 so far, it’s felt a lot like I’ve spent more time working on related things like this blog, book reviews, etc than I have doing actual writing.

While I don’t intend to abandon those items, I think I need to retry doing as much of that in advance or only after I’ve got my daily writing done first. The simplest way to make that work, I think is to set myself a daily word goal and only move on to other tasks once I’ve reached that word count. I know I’ve tried that before but, right now, it’s the best idea I’ve got. Given the way things have been of late, I should probably start with a lower target and gradually build that up. And give myself a daily checklist into the bargain.

So once I have some writing done, what else do I want to accomplish. Well, I have a few things, again quite similar to previous months.

  • Consistent posting.

Always something to keep after. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ll want to read more and I should be doing my best to provide it.

  • 2 book reviews.

Two reviews a month seems to be about right. Maybe three if I’m on a roll but generally…

  • Contribute to my friend’s page.

I was recently asked to help admin and contribute to a friend’s Facebook group. So far I’ve been lacking in that a little so I need to get cracking.

  • Line up another interview.

It’s been more than 6 months since my last one and I don’t want to let that sort of lapse continue.

I think that will keep me going for this month.

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