Time for another round up of how last month goals went. And, as usual, there’s some good and some bad.

  • Consistent posting.

I’m not sure how to consider this one since I wasn’t very specific in the way I worded the goal at the beginning of the month. From one point of view, I was consistent in that I did post every week. On the other hand, a single post per week (which is what I actually accomplished) is less than I normally want to be doing. So I guess that makes it 50%.

  • 2 book reviews.

Technically I didn’t manage this one since I didn’t get the second review posted until April 1st. I did start it a few days before but for whatever reason, it took me a lot longer to get done than I thought it would. So, once again, 50%

  • Contribute to my friend’s page.

I’ve managed to do a few posts for my friend’s page but, like my own posts, not as many as I would have liked. I think I’m sensing a pattern here. 50%

  • Line up another interview.

I don’t have anything confirmed as of yet, but I did ask a potential interviewee if they were interested. More on that story later. Hopefully. Guess what, another 50%.

Seems like a pretty half-arsed month, no?

Maybe I can do better in April.

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