I’m going to try something a bit different for this month’s goals.

While there are some things that I’ve put down as goals as recently as last month, I’ve come to think of them as being things that I should be doing each month anyway and, as such, don’t need to be listed as goals for any specific month. This would include writing every day, consistent blog posting, reviews and such. So, if this month goes well (and yes, I am aware it’s almost 1/3 of the way done already), then those will become matters of routine. Instead, I’m going to focus on targets beyond the every day.

Usually, these have been the harder goals, as well as the ones that I’ve been the least likely to accomplish. I’m hoping that by shifting the focus to them will give me a greater clarity of purpose. Again, we’ll just have to see how the rest of this month plays out.

Since I’ve been feeling stuck with House In Exile, enough that I want to start over, getting some movement on that is going to be the main thing for April. I was discussing this with Britt last night and she has challenged me to complete a basic, bare-bones, timeline for books. Not just House In Exile but also the two previous and at least the next one. And I have to do that by tomorrow evening. So that’s goal 1.

Hopefully, doing that will get me moving enough to do a couple of chapters of House in Exile. That’s goal 2.

As I said at the top, many of my previous month’s goals are things I should have been doing anyway. So to help me get those done as well as goals 1 & 2, I’m challenging myself to become better organized. Scheduling posts & Tweets ahead of time is a good start, as is putting the blog entries down on my calendar to create deadlines. Much as I like the Douglas Adams quote, I do need to buckle down and get something done.


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