This post was written specifically for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop.

Since May is Mental Health Awareness month, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about ways in which you can take care of yourself.

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to make writing your day job or primary source of income, then chances are you’re trying to balance your writing against other responsibilities. And every so often, you might end up burning yourself out. So what can you do to try and get yourself right again?

  • Be compassionate with yourself.

Sometimes it can be all too easy to beat yourself up for something like not hitting your daily word count or let imposter syndrome sink in because your draft didn’t come out quite like you thought it would. Just remember, everyone can and does feel like this on occasion. Be proud of what you have done rather than lament what you didn’t.

  • Take a break now and then. 

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, give yourself some time away from your page or screen. Have a cup of tea or coffee, listen to some music, take a walk. Just do whatever you can to give your head a chance to clear itself before trying again.

  • Get plenty of rest.

Usually, when you’re struggling to get some writing done, one of the first things to get sacrificed is your sleep schedule. But chances are, too much of that is going to leave you feeling exhausted and that will make it even more difficult to work. So, break that cycle, get some sleep and start again when you’re feeling fresher.

  • Do other things that make you happy.

Read. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Get outside. Feed your soul.

  • Keep trying.

It may seem to go against the rest of what I’ve been saying but if you don’t keep trying, then you just make it harder for yourself to get back into your writing habits. And, if you’re the type to feel bad because you haven’t been working, then that’s going to start a negative feedback loop. As I said above, do what you can and build on it. Like so many other things in life, you just have to go one day at a time.

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  1. All reminders that I need! Especially the one about resting. When I’m in writing mode, I push my sleeping pattern, push it, push it, push it until it’s backwards, and then I’m angry with myself, because I’m not sleeping like a normal person lol. You may want to head over to Lindsey Frydman’s blog, because she posted late as well. 🙂—Your-Dream-Agent-Doesnt-Exist-until

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