Since I scaled things back a little for May, I only did two games; #authorconfession and #WIPTruthorDare.


#AuthorConfession - May

  1. I’ll go with the original boy band: “Let It Be” by The Beatles.
  2. I’m not very good at pitching anything but here goes: After centuries of hiding from humanity and years of relative peace between the various Ceteri Houses, an unknown organization threatens to destabilise everything by attacking House Valerius.
  3. Not sure if it’s the greatest, but De Vries does regret that Ash can’t or won’t see what he’s trying to accomplish and side with him.
  4. Darth Maul. Part of it’s his martial arts training, you have to admit, he does look good.20180508_204959085_iOS
  5. Since he’s a lot like me, he probably would be part of several. Although, right now I can’t recall any that are mentioned specifically, except possibly wanting to see Kill Bill vol. 2.20180508_205247952_iOS
  6. Ash wouldn’t want to stand out in a crowd, especially now with people hunting him. But, his pallor could be remarked upon.
  7. I seem to identify with stories featuring a single main character struggling to find their way through trying events, usually with the majority of the other characters against them…
  8. In House Valerius world, Quinn eventually snaps and beat the hell out of House. In House world, Ash is worried about being around a bunch of people who regularly investigate unusual genetic conditions. 20180509_040302420_iOS
  9. House in Exile is set in 2004, so streaming isn’t an option for Ash. He did have the first couple of seasons of 24 on DVD though…20180604_025420765_iOS
  10. There are more recent events Ash would also want to undo but I’m avoiding those due to spoilers. If you were to ask him, he’d probably say the death of his mother in a car accident 10 years before the series. Who knows what knock-on effects that would have?
  11. Less a personal motto, more a family saying: “This is who we are, and we do what we must.” It gets used a couple times in book 1.20180604_025856015_iOS.gif
  12. Ok, so this isn’t me working (more like procrastinating) but it amused me anyways…DdKndnqUQAU2mPb
  13. Ash wasn’t much of a mother’s boy. They had a good relationship but, as heir to the House, he spent more time with his father. Although, having said that, Matthias is a bit more remote than Miranda was so…
  14. I slightly overuse ‘slightly’. But only slightly.
  15. The smart thing would be to get as far away from any of the other Houses as possible; Australia or New Zealand spring to mind. Instead Ash is being smuggled into Canada in a coffin…
  16. Well, I’ve succeeded in not dying yet. Other than that, I’m not sure there’s been much in the way of accomplishment.
  17. If it’s a proper Mad Tea party, probably Elizabeth. She really loved the Disney film when they were younger.20180518_002946503_iOS
  18. Not sure this counts as hidden but De Vries is quite a good actor. He’s needed to be, in order to get his way over the years.
  19. Ash & De Vries relationship in a gif. It’s not a perfect comparison but…20180519_194510191_iOS
  20. At last count, I have about 42,000 words in maybe 20-30 fragments. Still trying to fit everything together.
  21. Given his nature, the first thing Ash would want to ask a fortune teller would be how much they were planning to con him out of. He probably wouldn’t actually say it but he’d be thinking it. Instead, he’d ask about when he would see certain people again.
  22. I probably could have answered this one better back when I first started writing book 1 since I did actually cast most of the major roles. While I think I could still use some of them (maybe), I’d need to re-think it now.
  23. Not as such. I mean technically, Ash is now in charge of the counter-attacks against De Vries but in terms of a paying 9-5 type job, no.
  24. Apologies in advance…20180531_041717533_iOS
  25. Right now, what makes Ash blush is either being teased about his relationship with Mitsuko, or Mitsuko herself.
  26. Good art, something the draws you to pick up the book instead of the one next to it.
  27. There are a few suggestions that a phoenix symbolises Ash throughout the books.
  28. Yes, there are. In fact, House in Exile begins with Ash trying to get over the death of one of his friends.
  29. Ash’s immediate family is fairly small but if you go back far enough, all 20 Ceteri Houses descend from his several times great grandmother.
  30. I was back in that grimy alley, watching as the bullets tore into my friend. I saw them collapse face down on the cobbles & felt the scream rip its way from my throat, raw & agonizing, but the rest of me remained frozen, held immobile as they died.
  31. To be honest, there was probably more swearing than just about anything else.🗃📘📝🤬



#WIPTruthOrDare - May

  1. Spring hasn’t arrived at the current point of House in Exile but it will before too long.
  2. Quinn: “Ah think the kid’d take it personal if Ah called lookin’ after him baby-sittin’. But ya kin bet Ah gonna do a damn good job of it.”
  3. I know what Quinn would say his best feature is, but then he’s never been a particularly shy sort.
  4. Quinn likes Star Wars, the original trilogy at least. I’m sure Han Solo is his favourite.20180508_205034802_iOS
  5. Quinn sides with Ash rather than De Vries. He’s been part of House Valerius for more than a century now and has no intention of abandoning it. Plus, the few times they’ve met, he and De Vries never got along.
  6. Quinn’s one of the tallest characters. He’s described as being 6’6″.
  7. He’s been known to enjoy a Snickers bar occassionally…
  8. Although he’s never acted as a teacher (to him, anyways) Quinn has a huge amount of respect for Ash’s father, Matthias Valerian. It’s one of the reasons Quinn chose to stick with Ash.
  9. As his writer, I’d have to say Quinn’s best quality is his lack of filters and willingness to say whatever he damn well pleases.
  10. Not sure that this fits the “be nice” theme but Quinn is most likely to be complimented on his skill with guns, accuracy and general killing ability.
  11. Quinn’s day job (if you like) was to be in charge of the armoury at Shadowcroft. Unofficially, he’s the one sent out to track down and kill people who might be a danger to House Valerius.
  12. I think Quinn likes limericks. Probably the dirtier, the better.
  13. I don’t think Quinn really knew his mother. Based on what I have written, she was part of House Conrad but when Quinn’s father left there to go it alone, she didn’t go with them.
  14. Quinn has fairly simple tastes, since he has spent a good bit of time out in the field on his own. I’d say his favourite would be a nice cut of steak, medium rare, baked potato and a beer to wash it down.
  15. Quinn’s not much of a writer. Actually, the only thing I can really imagine is a note on the bedside with a vague promise to call…
  16. Generally speaking, given the amount of time he’s spent outdoors, Quinn’s okay with most animals but he probably gets on with horses best.
  17. Quinn’s main goal, as he sees it, is to keep Ash alive & free from the Cabal while they work out how to put a stop to De Vries.
  18. Quinn does not have a significant other, not unless you want to count his on-going bromance with MacReady. I’d say he’s more the one night stand type.
  19. Like Ash, Quinn’s main antagonist is De Vries since he’s the one that set everything in motion. To some degree, You could say Ash is his secondary antagonist, just because of all the trouble Quinn has to get/keep him out of.
  20. What motivates Quinn? Loyalty is a strong contender although a lot of the time it’s sheer bloody-mindednes…
  21. Quinn’s more of a country person. Although he’s had to spend a fair bit of time in cities and is comfortable enough in them, he does prefer to be in a less urban setting.
  22. Like most people, there are both sad and happy elements to Quinn’s past. I think overall, despite some bad stuff early on, the balance is on the positive side.
  23. Quinn does believe in luck. He’s seen enough of it, both good and bad, over the years not to.
  24. Most of the time, Quinn looks like a biker; jeans, leathers, that kind of thing.
  25. Quinn uses a number of different firearms throughout the books, from a large revolver to an automatic shotgun to a sniper rifle. He’s used guns since he was young and he’s very good with them.
  26. Quinn does like Ash. He sees what Ash is going through and has an almost paternal attitude towards him.
  27. To be honest, I’m not sure what Quinn would wish for. Probably that one of his fallen comrades was still alive.
  28. Quinn doesn’t really consider himself as having a hometown. He’s moved around so much since he was young that some of the places he used to live don’t exist any more.
  29. He should, he does enough of it when he’s hunting down rogues and other threats.
  30. I don’t think Quinn bothers with flowers much.
  31. Quinn’s best friend is Curt MacReady. They’ve been working together for nearly 20 years and have probably saved each other’s lives any number of times.


As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#authorconfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#WIPTruthorDare – Heather Hayden & Allie May

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