2018 was a tumultuous year for a variety of reasons but I’m trying not to let any of that influence how I approach 2019. There are a number of things that I want to tackle throughout this year but ultimately a lot of it boils down to being better organized & more disciplined with myself.

What that means in practice sounds simple but seems to elude me more often than not. Writing every day, sticking to schedules, following through on one task and not letting myself get distracted by social media or the internets in general.

I still intend to do the month goals that I was doing before (although not so much during the past six months) and I’ll save the majority of the day-to-day type goals for those. For this one, I’m looking more at the goals that have no specific end date other than before December.

  • First draft on the oft-delayed House In Exile.
  • Edit House Valerius & A House Divided.
  • Try actually submitting something.

Then there are some which are just general improvements, more of an ongoing process.

  • A more consistent blogging schedule.
  • Aim for 3 book reviews per month.
  • A new short story, at least every other month.
  • Get back to doing interviews, where possible.

I know I have said at least a couple of these before (and obviously failed to accomplish them) but, as I said above, I’m trying not to let thoughts like that get the better of me before I’ve even started. Plus, I do have a few other goals in mind; more personal, non-writing related ones. So, that’s where my mind is just now but obviously, things may change as I go.

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