One of the things on my mind this past week has been how best to take control of my To Be Read list.

Given that the bulk of my social media contacts are either writers or book bloggers or both, my TBR list gets at least a couple of additions every month, if not every week. Which has led to me having, at last count, approximately 50 books in my queue, with them in no specific order.

An added issue is that I have, is that I have said that I will review a good number of these and I will admit that I’ve pushed some books down the list in order to bring those promised reviews forward.

So what I have done (well, I’m still working on it) is combine a calendar and a to-do list spreadsheet. I added an extra column at the front to list what I’m going to be reading & listening to on any given week (just through March so far). I’ve also marked out when I intend to post the reviews and used the to-do list part to help keep track of which I haven’t scheduled yet.

How this is going to play out, obviously time will tell on that. But this does feel like a step in the right direction.

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