Since I’m back to doing monthly goals, it follows that I’m also back to doing an assessment on how well I met those goals for the previous month. So, how did January go?

  • Get back to a consistent blogging schedule.

This was the one that I probably did best with. From the point of my actual goals post on the 12th (yes, I know), I managed to get another six posts out. Generally, I managed to keep it to a 3-4 day period in between and, although there was a little bit of a wobble at one point, I think I can consider this one as successfully completed.

  • Get myself organized.

As I stated in one of the above-mentioned posts, I played around with some excel templated. The one I talked about was mainly dealing with scheduling what books or audiobooks I have on my list to read & review. But I did also use the calendar to map out my blog posts for January. This certainly helped when it came to meeting the blogging goal.

  • Get back to writing every day.

This is where I fell down. While I think I did get some writing each day for the majority of the month, it definitely wasn’t every day. And, if I’m honest, the days where I was writing, I probably should have been doing more. But, I have to keep telling myself that it’s a journey, not a race.

February Goals will be coming soon.

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