Time again for me to lay out what I hope to accomplish over the next month.

  • Write every day.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. If I intend to continue growing as a writer, then I have be writing and I have to be writing every day. While I haven’t always made this work or sustained it in the past, I think my best option is by tracking my word count and building on that day by day.

  • Step up my reading.

I’ve already planned out my reading for the next several weeks. But, that basically involves reading a book a week. And when I say that, I mean actually reading (physical or electronic), not listening to an audiobook. In order to do that I also need to make sure I’m setting aside some time every day to read. One way to do that would probably be for me to go to bed at a decent time and read until I fall asleep. The other alternative would be to switch the schedule to a book a fortnight. Hopefully, I can figure it out by the end of the month.

  • Finish my current short story.

Well, this should be pretty self-explanatory and more or less ties in with Goal 1. I’ve been kicking the idea around since December and I actually started writing it last month. I want to get at least a first draft of it done soon.

I’m also debating if I want to post either the story above or something else I’ve worked on lately but I’m not sure I want to make that a goal for this month. We’ll see how things go.

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