I’ve been a little preoccupied the past couple of days.

Last weekend, thanks to the some accumulated Christmas gift money, I was able to get myself a new laptop. Not that it was absolutely necessary, I’ll admit, but the previous one was about four years old and had developed one or two aggravating tendencies. So I decided to follow my wife’s advice (she is the smart one, after all), to go ahead and get a new one while I had the money and before the old one really went bad.

I deliberately waited a few days before opening up the new one, realizing that if I tried doing so on a work evening, it would take up the bulk of my time and I wouldn’t get any work done. Sometimes, I can have a work ethic.

I finally cracked it open Friday night and since then I’ve been getting programs set up and my files transferred from the old computer. Since the new one has a solid state drive and I now have a quarter of the hard drive space I’d become accustomed to, I’ve had to be a bit more discerning about how much of those files I put on here. Which, rather than be the hardship I thought it was going to be, has actually helped me streamline my workspace a bit.

I’m also getting used to the fact that the new laptop is smaller than the previous and the keyboard is that little bit less expansive. Still, it seems like once I get myself going (or I don’t think about it as much and let my fingers take over) that I’m making fewer typos that I did that first day. All in all, I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the new machine.

I will still keep the old one on hand for a little while, at the very least until I make sure I have everything on it backed up. Plus, it never hurts to have a spare, in case of emergencies, right?

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