I’m still undecided if these posts will become a mainstay month to month. I’d like to think I’m doing my small part to give people suggestions and help out authors but who knows? If any of you reading this found it worthwhile, let me know in the comments, okay?

As a combination of clamping down on our personal budget and having a TBR list that I’m already struggling with (although I will admit the former was the larger factor), I didn’t get nearly as many books as I did last month. Still, I did get a few.

Ps. This time, since I’m not doing combined images, I added links for each book as the captions.

Kindle Books

Half of the kindle books I got this month were by authors that I’d read previously and, in one case, a direct sequel to one I’d reviewed earlier. The others were by authors I’ve wanted to read but just haven’t got around to yet.


Most of the new audiobooks I got this month were a) ones I already had physical copies of, and b) thanks to Audible’s deal of the deal. The other I was given by the author in return for a review. You can look for that in March.

As I said at the top, let me know if you want to see more of these. Thanks.

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