Part of me doesn’t want to go through February’s goals. But a larger part of me knows that I can’t grow without being able to acknowledge where things went wrong. And the truth is I didn’t accomplish any of my stated goals for last month.

Plus there’s my abrupt decision (as of 3-4 hours ago) to give up putting myself for Lent. So, the trick here is going to be critical without unnecessary negative.

  • Write every day.

One place were I went wrong on this one was that I wasn’t properly tracking what I was doing, between random snippets posted as part of daily prompts, what I put in my notebook and what I typed straight into the laptop. As such, I don’t have a good idea of how much I did in a given day, let alone how many days I was actually working. However, I am fairly sure I didn’t have something for every single day.

  • Step up my reading.

While I did get through a few books in February, it was only thanks to Audible. In terms of physically reading, I’m still on the same book since January. And it’s not that I dislike the book either, I still want to know what happens and I do intend to finish it. But, for whatever reason, I’m dragging my feet on it and that doesn’t bode well for the commitments I’ve made for March.

  • Finish my current short story.

While I did do some work on the story, I did not get it finished. In fact, it is still unfinished as of my writing this. I have made some good progress on it the past week though so I’m hoping it will be done in the next few days.

I’ve touched on plans for next month a little bit here but the proper post will come either tomorrow or Friday.

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