This past week has been a bit unsettled. Nothing that would normally get me down too much but it felt like that were a lot of little things that got me feeling tense & frustrated. On the other hand, despite all the annoyances, there have been one or two small victories.

I’m not too good at talking about myself but I have tried to be honest on here about some of the things I deal with, mainly depression and low self-esteem. Ironically, this often prevents me talking because the default in my head is who am I to bother people with this?

But one of the common outcomes is that I can’t (or won’t) focus then end up shutting down and not getting anything accomplished. While this happened at the weekend (the time you think I’d get more done), I did actually manage to keep some semblance of work going during the work week.

And while I may not have done any work over the weekend, I did do some important things on a personal level. So I can feel good about that.

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