March’s games were #AuthorConfession, #TheMerryWriter and #TweepWriter.



  1. A complete plan and outline for my next book.
  2. Well, Ash is lost at the start of House in Exile, but by the end, he’ll be more like a pirate.
  3. I won’t say that Ash will never grow up but he will look like it. He’ll look 25 for the next 200 years or so.
  4. Three steps forward, two steps back…
  5. Ash and company would probably view Neverland as a paradise and somewhere safe they could hide out.
  6. Jodie would give up chocolate. MacReady would give up sodas. Quinn would say he’d give up swearing and forget within hours. As for Ash, I’m not sure what he’d give up.
  7. So far, no-one has any physical disabilities.
  8. I think having Captain Hook as my antagonist would probably make things easier for Ash & co. Hook doesn’t have the same level of resources as De Vries does.
  9. To Ash, it would mean keeping his people alive. To the others, it would mean…img_6295
  10. Complete the sentence: My antagonist is green with: all the money he’s now getting since getting in with the controlling side of the Curia and getting some of House Valerius’ assets transferred to him after having Matthias imprisoned & Ash discredited.
  11. Ash did have a Celtic cross given to him by his grandmother which he viewed as lucky. It was taken from him when he was tortured by De Vries & Carina.
  12. Which kind of luck are we talking about? Either way, probably Quinn…
  13. De Vries would probably just use it finance his ongoing campaign. He’s not short of money but he’s not going to turn any away either.
  14. 14 is a :

    S C
  15. He shouldn’t be, the events of the last two books have made Ash pretty mistrusting of people.
  16. Who has the worst luck? Sad to say, it’s probably Ash.
  17. Ash’s leprechaun name? Assuming he gets to choose, Aiden after his maternal grandfather and Corcoran after their House
  18. At current estimate (clear out and reorganizing is the plan for next month) 31,482
  19. Ash in 3 songs:
    Gallows Pole – Led Zeppelin
    Paint It Black – Rolling Stones
    Who Wants To Live Forever- Queen
  20. Generally speaking, they are. Due to their extended lifespans, they tend to be a little more conscious of the changes.
  21. Cutting ties with anyone who’s no longer any use to him…
  22. Parachuting seems like a good possibility.
  23. My luck charm…
  24. I don’t know if De Vries steals souls but he definitely corrupts them.
  25. Ash would take the red pill. Better to know the truth, regardless.
  26. Ash’s cousin, Elizabeth, is probably then nicest person in the series.
  27. What does Ash hold most valuable? His friends.
  28. Angostura.
  29. Blood.
  30. Something threatening I expect.
  31. I did manage to relax and enjoy myself this past week.



  1. Trying
  2. I’m not sure I ever decided to be one, it’s just something I always enjoy doing.
  3. I can remember writing things for school classes but, in terms of writing just for myself, I started when I was 17.
  4. Since House in Exile is the 3rd in a series, I’ll answer for the series overall: it started with a question to answer, then MC and (original) title more or less simultaneously, then plot.
  5. I don’t think I have a specific way of creating characters. Mostly they evolve out of ‘who does Ash need to encounter to move this forward’?
  6. The only ones specifically relating to writing are Elements of Style and On Writing by Steven King.
  7. Weekdays, it’s on my lunch hour (usually 1-2) and then the evenings. Weekends are pretty much open.
  8. My notebook and pen.img_6300
  9. BREAK.
  10. BREAK.
  11. I think Ash and I could be friends, although we may be too similar and end up seeing the worst in each other.
  12. I’ve met some of my favourite authors but there are just as many I haven’t met. Then there’s the one I’ll never get a chance to meet. Rest In Peace, Sir Terry.
  13. I think I may have read some to some friends years ago but nothing since them. Which is probably just as well. I’d be tempted to try doing voices.
  14. I haven’t submitted anything in years. Lack of self-confidence has been getting the better of me. I do want to change that this year.
  15. I did have an aesthetic somewhere but I can’t find the darn thing now…
  16. BREAK.
  17. BREAK.
  18. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
  19. Current Mood:
  20. The working title of my WIP is House In Exile.
  21. Only everything that’s written so far…
  22. I tend to like autumn.
  23. BREAK.
  24. BREAK.
  25. Ash prefers winter. Longest periods of darkness and all that.
  26. At the moment I’m more focused on getting things written, never mind published.
  27. I’ve tried writing in a few different genres.
  28. We tried snorkeling for the first time the other day.
  29. Well, not really a luxury item in the regular sense but things will go bad if Ash doesn’t gets fresh blood every few days or so.
  30. He would like to believe in it.
  31. No idea. I still have to polish the two preceding books.



  1. I’m Drew and although I dabble in various genres, my main work is in urban fantasy.
  2. WIP is the 3rd book in my House Valerius series about genetic vampires called Ceteri. This installment involves my MC having to evade the Ceteri leadership after having been falsely accused of crimes against them.
  3. The working title for my WIP is House in Exile. Book 1 had a different title when I wrote it but become House Valerius after the fact. I chose the names for books 2 & 3 early on since they both reflect the plot and carry on the House structure.
  4. My MC is Ash Valerian, formerly heir to House Valerius, which is the original Ceteri House. He is currently in hiding, having been accused of various criminal acts designed to over throw
  5. Personality-wise, we’re very similar, although I think Ash is the more confident of the two of us. Physically, Ash is younger and in better condition than I am.
  6. I think so, although we may be too similar and end up seeing the worst in each other.
  7. House in Exile begins in an unnamed UK city, moves to Glasgow, goes through some of Canada and the US before settling in Southern New Mexico. After that, there is some back and forth between the UK and the US.
  8. A little bit. The move to the US means both Quinn and MacReady become more relaxed, more themselves as it were.
  9. Changing the setting would change in the plot in some ways. For example, in a pure fantasy environment, there wouldn’t be international travel (or it wouldn’t be as easy) and there probably wouldn’t be any gunfights.
  10. Right this second, I can’t recall any specific to House in Exile but there are definitely some in the previous two books. References to current films, world events etc.
  11. There is some history in the series, both the real world and my fictional world.dimg_6303-1
  12. There aren’t any animals of note, at least as far as I can recall. I did write a scene with a stray cat but its inclusion is not certain.
  13. Well, it’s January at the start of House In Exile so it’s mainly dark & cold, and frequently rainy.
  14. In general, the weather doesn’t make too much of a difference to the plot. Except in the sense that it’s winter and there’s less daylight for my characters to worry about.
  15. It varies depending on the section of the book. Some is inner city, some is in rural New Mexico.
  16. Since it’s set in 2004 very close to our reality, I think I could handle it easily enough. Maybe even make a few long term investments…
  17. Ok this is tricky since the MC is very much like myself but personality-wise I feel like I’m more suited to being a supporting character.
  18. I’d like to think we’d get on okay. Provided they didn’t just shoot me for knowing who and what they are.
  19. Gardener.
  20. Writings have been kinda slow this week. Hoping to pick that up soon.
  21. I don’t really have a dedicated wrong space right now.
  22. Natural light, with the sound of running water or waves.
  23. Coffee.
  24. Your story deserves to be told.
  25. I’ve mentioned Breathe You In by Stabbing Westward a few times.
  26. I think Zeroth draft stage is probably the best way to describe it.
  27. So far, getting everything out.
  28. The grave was little more than a thin covering of dirt, barely sufficient to conceal the body, never mind the smell of decomposition.
  29. Flies buzzed over the area, and maggots wriggled amongst the remains of the flesh. I looked at the corpse and tried to feel something.
  30. Nothing. I’d lost enough people close to me, and killed enough people, not to worry about one nameless assassin. I had to concern myself with the ones still out there, not the ones already dealt with.
  31. Right here, of course.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

#TweepWriter – Nicola Noble

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