Due to our getaway last week and some of the tribulations involved in getting there (see upcoming post), last month went off the rails a bit although I did get some things accomplished.

  • Write every day & track properly.

Still not great, especially during that last week, but until then I was doing a decent job keeping an eye on how much I was writing. So, for next month, I need to build on that.

Speaking of writing, I did finish my short story The Path of Berlaine in the first few days of March. I did pass copies to some people and so far the responses have been positive.

  • Read some books.

The main thing I wanted to do here was to get back to reading ebooks, specifically the two that I had promised to review in time for their release. I’m pleased to say that I got both read, although honesty does compel me to admit I didn’t actually finish the second until the 2nd. Still I have the review for the first written, and I hope to have the second review posted this weekend.

  • Interview

I got the interview done a couple of days before we left and, after a little bit of back and forth with the wi-fi on the ship, I was able to get it posted in time for the release on the 1st. Despite my worries that I was out of practice, it went smoothly and seems to have been well received.

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