April is one of two Camp NaNoWriMo months this year and I’ve decided to have another go at it.

I’ll be using House in Exile as my project (unsurprisingly) for Camp, and my plan is two-fold. The first is obviously to keep writing new material. I’ve set a relatively low threshold for this since, while important, it isn’t my primary goal for the month.

I think I’ve said before (although don’t ask me where) that the writing of House in Exile so far has been far more fragmentary than the previous books. As of last night, I compiled what I believe to be all of the various bits and pieces I’ve written so far. It came out to totals of 255 documents and 57,800 words.

So my main goal for Camp this time round is to try and wrestle that lot into some kind of order. I expect there’s going to be a fair bit cut but I will also be trying to add some links between the various pieces as I go. Even if I don’t get all of it put into actual chapters, I do want to get what’s left over into chronological order so that I can keep chipping away at it throughout the year.

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