As I said recently, I’m trying to adjust the pattern of my blogging schedule. For two reasons,

  1. By making a more specific schedule for myself, I can get myself back to posting more consistently.
  2. Since the majority of my reviews (at least initially) are going to be posted exclusively on Booknest, I need to fill the gaps somewhat.

I do have a few set blog posts; those involving my goals and now, my book/audiobook purchases for the month. Plus there’s the monthly #AuthorToolboxBlogHop post, which is usually around the middle of the month (the 3rd Wednesday, to be specific). The problem is that, the toolbox post aside, those other posts are clustered at the beginning and end of each month. Meaning I need to fill in the rest of the time.

First of all (and as I said in my June goals), I intend to resume doing daily Twitter hashtag games, which means I’ll have my answers post to include again. The downside is, that one, by definition, also goes at the end of the month.

Another thing I think I’ll do is bring back the Books I Love series of posts. It turns out I haven’t done one of those since last June, with the exception of a picture post I did in response to a social media challenge (on the plus side that does give me some other books to post about).

So, using this month as a template, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

All of which leaves me with approximately three more posts to think about. When I did a poll regarding content here, the most popular answer was to add guest posts. Maybe that’s something I need to investigate some more.

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