My monthly round up of new (to me) books.

Since August is Bubonicon month, I focused mainly on getting books I can take with me and get signed. I already have some other books by both Darynda Jones and Jane Lindskold. I do not have any others by Steven Gould although I did watch the film version of Jumper some years back.

Kindle Books

A couple of these were SPFBO related, some were recommended by people (thank you, Charles) I generally consider reliable when it comes to good books. But the majority are by people I know and follow on social media, so I can consider myself as being supportive, even if only a small amount.


It’s always been at the back of my mind to read The Great Gatsby and since Audible was offering it at a reduced price, I snapped it up along with the other two. I have actually read The Right Stuff already, but it was years ago and I thought it would be nice to revisit it, especially with Dennis Quaid narrating. The third was recommended to me some time ago and I’d just never got around to it.

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