July’s games were #AuthorConfession, #AuthorWouldYou and #TheMerryWriter.


  1. I’m Drew. Hi, how’s yourself? As for the percentage breakdown of my day: 35% – Day job 15% – Chores 15% – Trying to write 15% – Cat/dog pillow 10% – Driving 10% – Muttered swearing
  2. I am not bad at procrastinating, I am practically an expert. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go re-arrange the files in my computer.
  3. …I have no idea
  4. Well, in some ways. Ash is fighting for his freedom from the Curia who have declared him rogue. And, in De Vries’ mind, he’s fighting for freedom from persecution.
  5. Ash is like a boxer puppy; excitable and loyal but frequently clumsy.
  6. Mitsuko.
  7. I don’t think any of my major characters have disabilities. Not unless you count the allergy to sunlight and the need for human blood anyway.
  8. Besides the fact that Spotify won’t even exist until a couple of years after the period of House In Exile, I’m not even sure what kind of music De Vries likes. I guess I can see jazz appealing to him.
  9. Besides being tortured with electricity, seeing one of his best friends die, scarred and having to give up everything and go on the run? No, not really.
  10. 8, I think. He seems like a decent sort.
  11. Ash doesn’t really follow a routine all that much and now that he’s on the run, he’s trying deliberately not to fall into any patterns.
  12. I’m not sure how much coffee is too much but then I’ve been cutting back lately. I’m down to only 3 pots a day.
  13. Hmm, I don’t know that De Vries is purely evil, although he will do evil things for what he considers to be the greater good.
  14. Making random movie references. No idea where he gets that from.
  15. It could be either depending on the scene. If it’s one I have clear in my mind overwriting can happen but for ones where I’m struggling, underwriting is more likely
  16. Sadly, right now it’s somewhere around a 4…
  17. If you were to ask him, Ash would say no. He’s still very self-conscious about his new scars.
  18. My favourite character overall is Quinn but if you want one specific to the current book, I’d say Anja. There’s so much more to discover about her.
  19. M.L. Spencer is a big encouragement to me.
  20. Current count appears to be 56,634.
  21. This summer, I’d rather be finishing my draft of book 3 and plotting book 4.
  22. In a way, I already have.
  23. Glasses. Caffeine addiction. Books piled on shelves. Possibly others.
  24. De Vries has been believed dead on three separate occasions.
  25. Mainly in-jokes/references.
  26. Trying to protect his friends.
  27. Not sure I really have a proper pic but…
  28. Well, they’d be safe from the sun at least.
  29. Another 4/10…
  30. Speaking purely for myself, maybe give me a nudge if I’m falling behind with my answers….
  31. She reached forward and I felt her fingers trace over the left side of my face. It took everything I had not to pull away from her. She leaned in, her breath tickling my skin. “Don’t hide yourself from me.” Her lips pressed, soft and warm against the scars.


  1. My WIP is House in Exile.
  2. I’ll introduce Ash since it’s easier. Ash Valerian is/was the heir apparent to House Valerius, the oldest of the Ceteri houses. Like all Ceteri, he’s a genetic vampire & after the events of the previous installments, the majority of them want him hunted down.
  3. Pen and paper. I do that often enough anyways and I haven’t used a typewriter in 20 years or so.
  4. Since my main WIP is set in a version of our world circa 1994, I’ll say character profile would do more good.
  5. I’ve tended to jump around a lot lately and not just for difficult scenes either. Which might be why House in Exile feels so fragmented…
  6. It might depend on who the brainstorm/editing partner was, but generally speaking, I think I’d keep it private for now
  7. Slowly. Very slowly.
  8. Somewhere between the two. I prefer to have 1 main WIP but also have a back-up to play with in case I grind to a halt… (not that this has happened, you understand?)
  9. “Mr Brooks,” She said again. “Mr McKussic may have mentioned me, I was able to assist him with some recent matters.” When I didn’t answer immediately, she leaned forward to the door & whispered. “If it makes you feel safer, you can keep the gun.”
  10. Much as I’d like to take however long it takes, the way things have been going that might mean I’d get it done by 2050 or so. So lock me up and make me get on with it.
  11. Mostly I tend to do monthly goals but if I have to choose between weekly or daily, I think I’d probably choose weekly.
  12. Probably sprint, since it might actually make me get stuff done.
  13. I don’t think I could work in complete silence.
  14. By my cracked and broken fingernails…
  15. Right now I feel like I’d rather have a first draft and work on editing it. At least then I’d have a clearer idea of what was what.
  16. There’s usually a loose outline but I tend to favour gardening more than architecture.
  17. I’d rather get on with it. Coffee will be required.
  18. In theory, I’d say joining a workshop even though I still struggle with sharing my writing with people.
  19. I WANT comfort food but I’m going to stay keto.
  20. I can’t see anyone doing fan art at this stage so I’d prefer to be inspired.
  21. I haven’t made my monthly goals as of yet.
  22. I’m not sure I have a preference between action & dialogue scenes, it mainly just depends on my mood at the time.
  23. I haven’t worked collaboratively in a long time so I’ll say work alone.
  24. I sort of did both. The outside world is real (with a couple minor difference) but the Ceteri society & history is invented.
  25. Either, so long as it gives me some inspiration.
  26. Complete my first draft.
  27. Eeesh. I’ll take my chances with Ash coming to life. Come at me, bro.
  28. It’s a bit of a recurring one…
  29. Overall, I think I’d prefer a series, if I could get it.
  30. Well, I didn’t do CampNaNo and I’m not sure what my word count for this month is so…


  1. I’m Drew. Usually.
  2. My WIP is House in Exile, the 3rd in my House Valerius urban fantasy series.
  3. My antagonist is Piter De Vries, a Ceteri of Dutch origin. He’s approx 300 years old, a born opportunist and someone who will literally cut throats if it benefits him.
  4. An aesthetic for De Vries.
  5. Tricky one to answer, since the series is in 1st person, I’m always writing the protagonist. Although I will admit the scenes between Ash and De Vries always seem to go fairly easily.
  6. BREAK.
  7. BREAK.
  8. Who to play De Vries? I think In the past I answered this by saying Eddie Redmayne (left on the photo below). But the first one that came to mind this morning was Cillian Murphy (right).
  9. De Vries doesn’t really have any history with Ash prior to book one. He does have a history of rivalry with Ash’s father Matthias, though.
  10. If De Vries has a good quality, he can be very charming and persuasive.
  11. Valle Crucis Abbey in Llantysilio, Wales. This may not be precisely where De Vries lives (he moves about a lot) but it is one of his staging areas. Casey led an attack on it in book one which led to Ash being captured and tortured.
  12. FF M.L. Spencer, Dyrk Ashton, C.T. Phipps
  13. BREAK.
  14. BREAK.
  15. De Vries hasn’t made an appearance in House in Exile yet, so this is from book 1.
  16. To avoid spoilers I’m only listing 3: Fire. Dagger. Blood.
  17. De Vries is often cruel.
  18. The closest De Vries has to a confidente is his lover, Carina Bulat. Although I will admit I’m not sure how much he actually tells her about his plans.
  19. I’m not sure De Vries takes time off from scheming. Even if he does, I expect its never far from his mind. He does keep up with his weapons practice, though.
  20. BREAK.
  21. BREAK.
  22. My favourite villain/antagonist? First one that comes to mind is Dr Hannibal Lector.
  23. Ultimately, De Vries wants to be in charge of the Ceteri and be the one making the rules.
  24. A bit. He’s a bit smoother and more polished than originally envisioned.
  25. He was a little taller than myself; maybe six foot or just under, slender almost to the point of being gaunt. The thinness was most apparent in his face, angular cheekbones prominent beneath deep-set dark eyes. And yet there was still an obvious muscularity to him, a lean hardness to his frame; as if, like his face, the skin could only contain the skin and bone, with no room left for the flesh.
  26. He can be charming when he wants to be.
  27. BREAK.
  28. BREAK.
  29. Yes. Unless I change it in a future draft but for now, De Vries is actually Mbejane’s father.
  30. Well, kind of…
  31. I keep coming back to Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#AuthorWouldYou– Rebecca Cahill

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

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