So, the next four weeks or so is going to be rather eventful.

Work, both the day job and helping out with our home business, has been busy lately. And it hasn’t shown much signs of slowing down so I’m anticipating that keeping me on my toes. But there are also other things on the horizon.

Next weekend, the 23rd through the 25th, is Albuquerque’s own Science Fiction & Fantasy convention, Bubonicon. Those of you who have stuck with The Scribblings since I started blogging again probably already know that I’ve been attending this for the past few years and usually end up coming home with a armload of signed books. Plus, I also end up doing posts about what I saw & listened to each day and I expect it will be the same this year.

Then, at the end of the month, Britt and I will be jetting off to Scotland. The main reason is a wedding, the couple on the below left, and I am one of the groomsmen, as you will see from my outfit on the right (Rocket-dog not normally included). But since the wedding isn’t actually until the following weekend (the 7th, to be precise) we’ll be visiting family and taking a break on the Isle of Skye in the week beforehand. It’s going to be particularly special since Britt hasn’t been back to Scotland since before we were married.

Oh, and as an added bonus, those of you who follow me on Twitter will probably be treated to another of my rambling hour by hour travelogues.

We’ll be travelling back on Monday the 9th (getting in late) and then we have to gear up for another wedding the following weekend. I’m not involved with this one but Britt is. And this one is local.

Finally, the week after that, we have Britt’s mother coming to visit. It’s always fun when Wynn Dee comes up from Las Cruces and often involves some kind of day trip.

As I said, it’s going to be eventful.

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