This month’s games were #AuthorConfession and #TheMerryWriter.


  1. I’m Drew and trying to get myself back on track with an urban fantasy novel. With regards to the movies, the answer might change depending on when you ask me but Halloween specific – Original Halloween (1978) Scary in general – The Thing (1982)
  2. Well, this seems appropriate for at least one scene I’ve written so far.
  3. For the scales, blues and greens. For the fire, purple. I will be the Samuel L Jackson of dragons!
  4. It changes from book to book. In book 1, I’d say it’s Quinn. In book 2, it’s Casey. For book 3, it’s probably Anya.
  5. What gemstone best represents De Vries? Probably a ruby.
  6. I spent a good chunk of the day reading…
  7. House in Exile in 5 words or less: Modern vampire politics. With guns.
  8. I think I’d have to say a werewolf.
  9. Afraid I haven’t written any scary lines lately…
  10. How my last writing session went – 🤔🙄😖😡🤬🤭😴
  11. Hell if I know but I probably need all the help I can get.
  12. Erm… I’m not sure what represents my brand. At times, I’m not even sure I have a brand.
  13. Gryfflepuffclawerin.
  14. Fear & guilt.
  15. Other than a few (not enough) prompt responses, I haven’t done any new writing this month.
  16. Well, last time Ash was in a graveyard he was fighting for his life against some of De Vries’ men.
  17. MC aesthetic: It’s not much but the top image is what sparked the idea of the House Valerius series while the bottom image is why he’s called Ash.
  18. No longer in progress…
  19. I don’t really have a preference between people/no people. The only preference I have with covers is that if the book has subsequently been adapted into film/TV, I don’t want the cover having images from the adaptation. Is that weird?
  20. What’s unique? My editing staff…
  21. Currently reading: Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland (ebook) & Darkblade Assassin by Andy Peloquin (audio).
  22. Probably like so…
  23. De Vries wants to avoid notice as much as possible so he would either give out something innocuous or just not bother. Having said that he would want to cause some chaos, so I wouldn’t put it past him to give out poison or laxatives or something like that.
  24. Ash is haunted by the people who have died for him, the people he couldn’t save.
  25. #FF – See below.
  26. What scares me as an author? I’ll let you know when I’m actually an author…
  27. The thing that terrifies De Vries the most is being considered insane and imprisoned.
  28. My writing style as a type of candy? Black liquorice is the first thing to come to mind.
  29. Best costume I’ve seen? Zombie Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
  30. So far, I’m not envisioning any Halloween shenanigans for Ash this year.
  31. I’m not intending to do much.


  1. It was a dark & stormy night and I was listening to the rain, trying not to look the blank page staring at me from my laptop screen. The cursor taunted me, seeming to increase the speed of it’s blinking the longer I ignored it.
  2. My WIP is House in Exile, the 3rd in my House Valerius urban fantasy series. It revolves around the Ceteri, who are the origins of vampire legends and who have been around since BCE.
  3. Of course, I watch horror movies. Especially around this time of year.
  4. I’ve been known to read horror/spooky books although I don’t quite recall what the last one was at the moment.
  5. BREAK.
  6. BREAK.
  7. Yep. There are quite a few dark moments of differing types.
  8. At least 5 deaths and counting…
  9. Ash’s biggest fears: 1) Going insane. 2) Being a disappointment.
  10. My biggest fear is losing my mind.
  11. Yes, Ash has done some bad things although at the moment only one still bothers him. During a childhood accident, a friend was cut badly. Ash lost control and began drinking the blood.
  12. BREAK.
  13. BREAK.
  14. Ash’s anger usually comes out as either frustration or cursing. He really wishes he had his father’s trick of getting icily quiet…
  15. Ash shows fear usually by wanting to confront something.
  16. Years ago, Ash used to be scared by stories of the Keeper of the Dead, a ghostly figure that was supposed to haunt the cemetery beneath their home.
  17. Well…
  18. What does Ash struggle with? Self-doubt & what he thinks is expected of him. Not to mention De Vries getting him blamed for a bunch of aggressive acts against the Curia and now being on the run.
  19. BREAK.
  20. BREAK.
  21. Maybe not eternal, but Ash certainly believes you can damn yourself.
  22. Maybe not in the traditional notion but Ash does believe in ghosts. He has a few of his own.
  23. The last Halloween party at Shadowcroft, Ash wore a Spider-Man costume. Casey wore a yellow jumpsuit a la Bruce Lee/Uma Thurman. MacReady dressed as Elvis as usual.
  24. I know this was more than 5 lines but I wanted to add a little bit of context…
  25. Idon’t think Ash is particularly superstitious one way or another.
  26. BREAK.
  27. BREAK.
  28. I’d say Ash is more afraid of dying needlessly or without having been able to stop De Vries.
  29. Not creepy as such, as far as I recall.
  30. No reason he wouldn’t.
  31. I’d give it a go.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession –  J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

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