I know I only did 10 books for 2018 but when it came to this year I found that while deciding on the first half dozen was easy enough, filling out the last few slots proved more difficult. After a lot of back and forth on my part, I decided I would bump it up to 15.

Similar to last year, the books are organised by the order I read them, with none being ranked above the others, and links to my reviews are beneath each image.

A wonderful read; vibrant, imaginative and truly a work of art.

A fun action-packed romp, with a fresh view on some fantasy tropes and some great dialogue along the way.

Not for the faint of heart but offers an abundance of riches.

Part mystery and part coming-of-age, wrapped in the trappings of a fantasy novel.

A bittersweet novel, recalling the loves and losses of childhood in the best of ways.

It plays with a lot of tropes common to comic books, hugely entertaining.

Full of fantasy action, complemented by a protagonist who is equal parts vulnerable, sarcastic and consumed with revenge.

A great read with a strong near future cyber-punk flavour.

Manages multiple plot-lines and points of view with ease.

While the novel has a relatively slow build, sticking with it is recommended and rewarding.

A marvelous expansion of the author’s existing world.

Both a great introduction to this world and a novella that could easily be consumed in a couple of hours.

As hard, brutal and frequently funny as it’s predecessor.

Review Pending
Review Pending

Hopefully I’ll have the remainder of those reviews written and posted soon.


  1. Truly humbled for The Blighted City to be included in your best reads of 2019, and beside some solid names. Thanks, Drew. A fantastic new year to you and to the other authors on this list. All the best for 2020!


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