1. I’m Drew, from Scotland but now living in New Mexico. The majority of my writing can be labelled Urban Fantasy but I dabble in other genres when the mood takes me. I’m trying to get back to work since I’ve been out for a month dealing with some personal stuff. Oh, and random fact: I once appeared on UK TV singing the opening to Heartbreak Hotel.
  2. Aside from the whole Ceteri, slow ageing, needing to drink blood thing, Ash might have prophetic dreams.
  3. De Vries would be the ringmaster. Because, of course he would.
  4. I can’t think of anyone Ash fanboys over. I do have him doing an impression of Gary Oldman in one of the short stories though, if that counts.
  5. No, I did not.
  6. New friends made this year: Petros Triantafyllou, Timy Takacs, Filip Magnus, Angel Haze, Andy Peloquin, Reese Hogan, Lee Conley, Quenby Olsen, Justin Brimhall, Gillian Spiller & Amy Beckinsale.
  7. By being supportive, encouraging and most of all, by being understanding.
  8. I need to be more forgiving with myself.
  9. I originally said I’d do a top 10. It ended up being a top 15.
  10. Here’s looking at Casablanca, kids.
  11. Scheming, obtaining power, destroying enemies, making himself legitimate. Sounds like De Vries.
  12. Yes, he does. For one, he believes an external source negates any sense of personal responsibility or accountability.
  13. At least in terms of the older Ceteri, they tend to view the natural order as: 1) House Rulers. 2) House aligned Ceteri. 3) House aligned humans. 4) Non-aligned humans. 5) Rogues (non-aligned Ceteri). 6) Ferals (Ceteri with 2 copies of the mutation) .
  14. I haven’t written a scene in long enough that I couldn’t tell you what the last one was…
  15. Cry, Little Sister – Gerard McMahon. It was Stefanie Simpson’s fault.
  16. I’m not sure I could even do a good pitch so… anything I might say about it.
  17. Last time I thought about it, the front runner was Iwan Rheon as Ash.
  18. I’d say neither. De Vries does want to be accepted by the Ceteri Curia but I don’t think it extends beyond that.
  19. Normally I don’t.
  20. Maybe about half a foot’s worth. Enough that the doggos can have fun romping about in it.
  21. How Ash feels about the run up to the holidays…(see below).
  22. Aside from the normal Christmas/New Years etc, the Ceteri also celebrate the Winter Solstice with a gathering of the Houses. It also provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to challenge for leadership of the Curia.
  23. While we like the idea of coloured lights, we always seem to end up with white ones…
  24. Hmm… I keep coming back to Bob Cratchit so unless a better answer presents itself…
  25. On the twelfth day of Christmas my antagonist gave to me… … 12 minor Houses, 11 days in hiding, 10 blood bags, 9 different motel rooms, 8 major Houses, 7 covert attacks, 6 secret deals, 5 cunning plans, 4 faithful companions, 3 unexpected characters, 2 unseen betrayals and 1 plane ride in a coffin.
  26. One of my favourite covers of this year is Seraphina’s Lament by Sarah Chorn.
  27. Reading Goals – Done. Writing Goals – Argh.
  28. Uneven.
  29. Most used mug of the year… (see below).
  30. I wish I knew what I was doing….
  31. Probably with a wee whisky.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

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