As I write this, it’s the first weekend of of July; which means that we’re halfway through 2020. I think it would probably be an understatement of cosmic proportions if I said this year hasn’t gone the way anyone expected. Now that I come to look back over my posts for this year so far, I think I’m overdue for an update, so…

Life, the universe and everything…

I’ve struggled a lot this year. Part of it is has been the general anxiety around the pandemic, perhaps exacerbated some by Britt contracting bronchitis at the beginning of April. My own physical heath has been fine, aside from the usual assortment of aches and pains associated with growing older. It’s my mental health that has been more troublesome and it’s something that I’m still dealing with.

Plus, there is the ongoing situation with my mother. If you haven’t read my previous posts from February and April; my mother was diagnosed with a form of dementia and is now resident in a nursing home. While I’m pleased to say that she appears to be settling in and has shown signs of becoming more responsive than she was, the quarantine restrictions still prevent her receiving visitors. And, there is still the question of her legal situation to be resolved, something which has also delayed by the virus.

On the plus side, there is now something for us to look forward to in the coming months. In the past week, we not only got a contract to sell our current house, we also put in a successful offer on a larger house, with a larger yard for the doggos. While we’re still in the early stages, plans are for us to move at the end of next month.

The Written Word

Sad to say, I’ve barely written any fiction at all this year. Maybe a paragraph here and there but nothing of any great consequence. Even looking back through my blog posts, if you discount the compiled answers to Twitter games or the recitation of whatever books I’d obtained during the given month, the only consistent original posts have been the ones I do for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop. Slightly ironic, given my frequent doubts about them.

Even reading has seemed to lose some savor lately. Which bothers me a lot. I still have my review column on Booknest (for the time-being), and I have a number of books that I really do want to read for it, my head just doesn’t seem to want to comply. So, apologies to anyone I’ve said I’ll review and haven’t yet.

I don’t want to turn this into a prolonged moaning session, and I do actually want to get this posted before my attention wavers again, so I’ll wrap things up for now. Let’s just say I have plenty of things to be working on for the rest of 2020.

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  1. 2020 has hit us all with a curveball, although some more than others. Take care of yourself – your writing will be waiting when you’re ready to dive in again. I find reading short stories helps when my attention is dwindling – or just watching something really good on Netflix. Quality scripts and acting might give you some inspiration?


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