I haven’t really talked about it too much on here but Britt and I moved house a few months ago. One of several benefits (more space, a bigger back garden) was a loft space that I could make into my new library area.

Below is a photo of the area from the realtor’s listing.

After we moved in, I started off by trying to decide where things would go. Preferably before I unpacked everything. There were a few boxes to account for after all.

I did do a little bit of back and forth about that, plus purchasing some new bookcases, a desk, a chair and we did re-do the paint before I unpacked everything. The pets were instrument in helping with this, as you might imagine.

Once the painting was done and I knew where each of the seven bookcases was going, I got to start filling the shelves. After one or two false starts, I eventually split things up into three sections.

The first section is my older bookshelves, which contain a combination of non-fiction, special editions and my signed books.

The next is what I sometimes call my catch-all book case. One shelf has graphic novels, one has scrapbooks and Britt’s old yearbooks, one has cookbooks and other miscellaneous, one has my older notebooks and one has the random Funko Pop figures that I often receive as gifts.

In the middle is my desk, which is partly for me to write at and partly for use when I’m working remotely. And yes, that is a light designed like the Death Star.

The remaining section, four bookcases in total, has all the other books. The majority are mine, although Britt does has some in there as well. I haven’t specifically counted, but I’d say it’s maybe half and half between books that I accumulated here and ones that I’ve brought over with me, either when I first moved, or for subsequent visits back.

Now the library is more or less complete, with a couple of minor exceptions. There’s still some artwork to place and I still intend to replace that central dome light with a ceiling fan but since it’s winter that can wait a wee bit.

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