Thoughts on Ash Valerian


The character arc for Ash through House Valerius is to become his own person, able to make his own decisions and account for his actions. That may sound a bit strange, since the character is in his late twenties, but in the terms of the culture I created for the book, that makes him the equivalent of a teenager so I think it holds up.

At the beginning, the majority of the other characters, to one extent or another, view Ash as a reflection of the older members of his family, primarily his father and his uncle. I tried to reflect this in the way many of those characters address him in conversation. Others, such as those closest to him, have a tendency to treat him as a child, yet to prove his worth.

As mentioned elsewhere, Ash Valerian is, for all intents and purposes, an idealized version of myself. Technically I am a bit older than he is now (we were the same age when I first started writing the series) but there are still enough similarities for people to comment on.

If there is one quality I would hope I share with him it is his loyalty to his friends.