Thoughts on Casey Preston

Casey Preston is kind of a stereotypical (in my mind anyways) big sister, at least as far as my main character Ash is concerned. She’s occasionally affectionate, frequently frustrated, always protective. And she’s as strong as any of the male characters in the series, if not stronger.

When first introduced in House Valerius, Casey is the Sergeant-At-Arms for House Valerius, the lover of Marcus Valerian and a relative newcomer to House Valerius, having moved there from one of the american Houses. Her relationship with Marcus is what I decided to use to tie her to Ash and the rest of the Valerian family. I’ve since established, in A Life Almost Ordinary, that they’ve been together for about five years at the start of the first book; becoming involved shortly before that short story takes place. Another short story, Rivals, will explore (or so I intend) some of the reasons she decided to leave the States, as well as her antagonism with Jodie Hawkes. Speaking of that plot point, which is first brought up in House Valerius, I have a rough notion of what’s behind it, but I’m waiting until I work it our and get that short story done before I say any more about it.

Her being the head of the Watchmen for House Valerius is mainly due to the fact I like female characters who are strong and capable without being, essentially, a male character with a female name (Yes, I know Casey is non-gender specific). While I frequently worry about my ability to portray my female characters, this is what I want to achieve with several of them, especially Casey.

Casey also appears in A House Divided.