Thoughts on Tales from House Valerius

Book 0 is Tales From House Valerius, an anthology of short stories.

Stories set to be included:

The Temple of Nin-Sungir

Valerius rescues Sennaara from captivity and marries her, setting the foundations for House Valerius.

In Service Of One’s House

Joanna Beaufort schemes to become Lady Mallory and start her campaign against those who have wronged her

In Dreams

Lilith Valerius’ last days.

The Virtue of The Way

Matthias Valerian undergoes samurai training in Japan.

Hunter’s Moon

Quinn’s life as a bounty hunter in the Old West.

In The Blood

Jonas Valerian’s descent into madness.


The first meeting and clash between Casey Preston and Jodie Hawkes.

War Stories

MacReady is recruited into House Valerius.

A Life Almost Ordinary

Elizabeth Valerian, born without the Ceteri mutation, tries to find her own identity.