I had previously done this as a post but since it’s changing all the time I thought I would move it to its own page where I can update it as needed.

Currently reading:

  • Agent G: Assassin – C.T. Phipps

The Review Queue (Read but not reviewed yet)

  • Dead Acre – Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle
  • Last Heir of the North – J.C. Kang
  • Agent G: Saboteur – C.T. Phipps

For books already reviewed, see here.

Top 10 To Read List (sorted by author, not preference or intended reading order)

  • Paternus: War of Gods – Dyrk Ashton
  • Peace Talks – Jim Butcher
  • Malice – John Gwynne
  • A Wizard’s Sacrifice – A.M. Justice
  • Jade City – Fonda Lee
  • Darkness Forged – Matt Larkin*
  • Capital Murders – Alex Micati
  • A Wind from the Wilderness – Suzannah Rowntree*
  • Nether Light – Shaun Paul Stevens*
  • The Rage of Dragons – Evan Winter

*SPFBO 6 finalist