To Do List

I was thinking earlier about some things I still want to accomplish & add to this new version of the blog.

  • Keep up the frequency of posts.

This one I’ve been doing pretty well with. Aside from the 2 weeks or so we were away in Florida, I’ve been fairly consistent. I might be a day off every now and then but, generally, I’m still managing 2 a week.

  • Revise and re-post some of the character profiles I did for the old blog.

Ok, this one I need to get on.

  • Post synopses for A House Divided, House In Exile and the various short stories I have planned.


  • Get some new author and background photos done.

On this one, I’ve partway there. I’ve got the new author photos done, courtesy of my lovely wife. Still need to do the background pics, and I need to get them all uploaded and onto the site.

Guess I still have some work to do….



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