Yesterday was my birthday.

Another year older and supposedly wiser. Actually, I don’t know if that’s technically true. I don’t feel any wiser, I just feel like I see the things I don’t know more clearly. And, sadly, there’s a lot of that.

But, before I start getting maudlin, I’m going to focus on some of the positive things I have on the horizon.

I got some nice birthday presents this year. Thanks to an Audible sale and my wife not protesting me picking out some gifts in advance, I was able to get a few more audiobooks to keep me in reading material (and prospective reviews) for a little while longer.

While I don’t have a designated writing space at the moment, it is one of the things on the shortlist for any future home we might have. And Britt got me something to help decorate it when the time comes.

I don’t think I need to explain the overall image, but like some many things, it’s the little details that really make this for me. There are background appearances by other characters and a few other sneaky touches. I can’t wait to hang it.

Courtesy of my mother-in-law (although I suspect Britt may have whispered a suggestion) I got one of the Masterclass online courses. Specifically, the Art of Storytelling by Neil Gaiman. I’ve been a fan for years (about half my life now that I think about it) and I know a couple of other people who have also taken this course and gave positive feedback. So I’m looking forward to see what I can learn from this.

All in all, I think these are going to have a positive impact on my next trip around the sun.

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